Coffee & Cases is my newest creative project. The idea emerged mid-2016, a couple of days before I started the second semester of my second year at Law School. Inspired by Lilia KazakovaCoffee & Cases is about my university/ law school experience… and more (as the first few posts here might suggest).

Those who lead the most diverse and variable lives are the ones who seem the happiest and most successful. True to this philosophy, Coffee & Cases is designed to include diverse and variable content. As well as talking about my fascination with law, I also hope to share with you my love of history, philosophy and politics; as well as travel, productivity, and inspiration.

You, my dear reader, are a big part of Coffee & Cases, what it is and what it can become. I encourage you to be part of conversations about things from as fun as fashion to as contemplative as current events. I would also love to hear from you about what you want to engage with on Coffee & Cases . (Seriously, don’t be afraid to comment).

Over the next few months I look forward to building Coffee & Cases into a home for my words, photos and ideas. And I look forward to doing that with you.

– Za