Coffee & Cases: An Introduction

Law school holds a distinct charm and prestige. It is competitive. It is ruthless. These features attract people. The prospect of succeeding in the face of adversity-for-the-privileged is too tempting.

Compared to our mundane lives with our mundane arts degrees, which have lost any edge in the vocation-centric society we live in, a law degree is the way to go. Fancy suit. Fancy office. Men who look like Harvey Spectre and women who look like Elle Woods. That’ll be me in 4 years, we mundanes say.

Deep-down we know Suits is a false representation of the career we are pursuing. Deeper-down, we know this false representation is a big part of the reason why we’re putting ourselves through such a grueling course in the first place.

To succeed at law school, we must focus on dream-building. Visualizsing success. Graduating wearing a light blue hood and transitioning seamlessly into a job at a top-tier law firm, or high-ranking position in government, or continuing our education in a postgraduate programme. It requires hard work, perseverance, discipline, a commitment to networking and a lot of self-care along the way.

Coffee & Cases is a blog about my law school experience. In the coming posts, I will share tips and observations about law school and what learning the law is like.


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